What phone camera do you love to take photos with???

So simple question. What phone do you use for your day to day, and does it take good images? With things like Facebook, Instagram, and twitter to name a few taking over your daily life. There is a lot of reason to use your phone to capture some shots to share online instantly.

Can you take a professional looking image with a phone? These days the cameras on phones have got as many megapixels as a pro DSLR camera. So why cant you do the same quality work with a phone?

There's many things that a DSLR can do which a phone cant, like change lenses and add a artificial light on a stand but there may be ways around that... and this is what we want to try.

We will be doing a shoot with a dancer and a model, to try create great but also professional level images on a phone.. We may try a bunch of phones if possible. We will be trying to sync a off camera flash source, or continuous light which is easy. We will try some aftermarket cell phone lenses too and try mimic some camera shots.

We will be using Snapseed for the editing and processing, and use photoshop as we would a normal shoot to do both quick on location phone editing and then on a pc.

We would love to hear from you what phones we must try? Or one specific phone? Also let us know what you would use or what you have currently. Also share some shots of what you have done on a phone.

keep in touch



Durban We coming down for a lil visit. :D

Hey all.

It's been a while I know. Got a little preoccupied with working that I didn't take a moment to tell you all about it. As usual we are always busy trying to create and grow as artists, while maintaining life and paying the bills. So here we are.

Back to the topic at hand. We will be down in sunny, warm (well we hope) Durban. With JHB having such miserable weather it will be great to see some sun and waves.

You can catch me shooting at Sneaker Exchange Durban on Saturday most of the day, I'll be working along with Man Of Action Concepts to capture some stills and video of the event. It's always a great event. The best of sneaker heads, music, and the culture we all love. Please do come check it out and have some fun with us.

If you looking for tickets you can pick them up at Computicket online.

Sunday I will be around town doing a few Photoshoots with models and dancers, as well as some off time on the beach with my people. If you looking to work with me give me a shout via E-mail and let's plan something.

Going to be a awesome feeling to get out of JHB for 2 days, its been a year and a half since I've been away. So let's make it great.

Here's a few shots I took of the last sneaker exchange which was in Durban.

Enjoy. I hope to see you all there. Links to some pages you should check out below.




Sneaker Exchange facebook:   

@sxc_za on instagram

Optical Noise Photography Facebook

@opticalnoise on instagram

Man Of Action Concepts Facebook

@manofactionconcepts on instagram




Hey guys,

I know this shoot was quite a while back, but I want to give a lot of my past shoots a chance to be written about, so heres one of my favourites, and it was a very simple but awesome one.

I have known Kim a long time, we have done many photoshoots over the time but all just fashion and portraits. This time she did some boudoir / lingerie shots, and one of two simple ones which I used to create some graphic art images on photoshop.

The set ups were all done with very inexpensive speedlights. Either using them to back light the model or light her from the front. I wanted to create more dramatic light with backlighting her.

Mos of the time the Speedlights were bare, and here and there I used a normal shoot through umbrella. I did  most of the shots using my 50mm lens. The rest was with my 16-35mm to get wider shots.

Im sure you will be seeing a lot more coming from this gorgeous woman. Please follow her on the links Below to keep up to date with what shes going to be getting up to. Show some love.

Gear we used for this shoot:

  • Canon 5d mk iii
  • Canon 50mm f1.4
  • Canon 16-35mm f2.8 L
  • Peak Design Slide strap.
  • Df 400 speedlights x 2
  • Yongnuo 622c triggers
  • Kata Backpack
  • 1 lightstand


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Craig Anderson (Foto_fotography) Assistant


Have a good day everyone!



I have such a big admiration for dancers in general, but with ballet dancers. There's something incredibly powerful about how strong they are, about how poised and controlled their movements are, and the willingness to keep going over and over, especially when trying to get the shot during a photoshoot.

I had a chance to work with the ever so gorgeous Natasha, a ballet dancer based in JHB. We actually did 2 photoshoots within the span of a month, as her shoot was meant to be done in PTA with the iconic purple Jacaranda trees that we often see in South Africa, but due to a time issue that was delayed and we did her first shoot at Gold Reef City casino, which worked just as well. So during this talk you will see images from both her photoshoots. We hope you like them like we do :D :D :D!

I really enjoy working with this girl. When it comes with dancing we need to work hard to get my timing in sync with the dancers time. Plus make sure the flash is actually hitting the model and all the settings are correct. So we often doing the same jump a bunch of times to be sure it looks awesome, and mainly make sure the technique shown in the dance move is correct. So im glad dancers are willing to do it "one more time" like a hundred times HAHA.

With dance photography, to me its most important to get the timing right. With any dance style there is always correct technique. Your photo can look amazing, lights and colours are awesome, but if the technique is incorrect, then its a bad bad image, and most dancers wont like the shot nor show it to anyone. Toes being pointed, lines from legs looking right, hands and so on, all contributes to making a dance shot work. I often ask the dancer if this is right or not and can we redo it. As much as i know a lot about whats right n wrong, the dancers knows more. So ask!

ok now for gear and what we did to light the model.

With dancing we always shoot with very high shutter speeds. from 1/800th to about 1/2500th. You would be surprised to see how much motion blur you get on feet when they jump up and fling their legs  to position. So we used speedlights which are able to do HSS. We used 2 yongnuo yn500ex flashes mounted to one bracket and triggered wirelessly using a trigger. This allows the flash to sync over the usual 1/200th max sync speed.

For the bridge shoot We used a normal shoot through white umbrella to diffuse the light, but not too much to take away much of the distance from the flash. 

For the shoot with the Jacaranda trees we shot during 11am sunlight which is very bright, but luckily we were then easily able to use the high shutter speed along with the flash. We left the flashes bare, no umbrella this time. We just covered the flash head with wax paper which just diffused it a tiny bit, but maximised the distance the light would travel in bright sun.

Gear set:

  • Canon 5d mkiii
  • Canon 50mm f1.4
  • Canon16-35mm f2.8 L
  • 2x yongnuo yn500ex speedlights
  • yongnuo 622c triggers
  • light stand
  • wax paper
  • white shoot through umbrella
  • peak design slide strap
  • kata backpack


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INSTAGRAM: click here  (@tashehl)

    Craig Anderson (Foto_fotography) Assistant


    Heres some more photos! Until next time!


    Catching up with miss Das /// Naomi Das ///

    Hey everyone,

    Wanted to share my last shoot with the ever so beautiful miss Naomi Das. We have done a bunch of shoots with her over the past and heres one more :) 

    If you guys know this woman you know she always being fire. EFC ring girl, featured in maxim a bunch of times and in a lot of music videos, only to mention a few.

    I also shot with a friend of hers the same day, Liam Worthington, his shots are also listed in the shots below.

    hope you guys dig it. Gear used is all listed at the bottom of the post. enjoy.

    Heres a short behind the scenes video that Karla alberts shot for us on the day. its only 15 seconds as its just a instagram promo video

    Gear we used for this shoot:

    • Canon 5d mk iii
    • Canon 50mm f1.4
    • Canon 70-200mm f2.8 mk i L IS
    • Menik fn-600 strobe (battery powered) from cameralight SA-- Link to flash
    • Peak Design Slide strap.
    • Df 400 speedlights.
    • Yongnuo 622c triggers
    • Kata Backpack
    • 2 lightstands
    • 120cm octobox bowens mount.


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    Naomi Das

    Liam Worthington


    Have a good day everyone!


    Courtneigh Sinead Jacobs /// I love this womans hair :D

    hey everyone!

    A few weeks ago I had a very impromptu photoshoot with the gorgeous Courtneigh Sinead Jacobs . Been meaning to photograph her for ages and we finally got to it!

    Thing I love most about this woman is her HAIR! ITS GLORIOUS! but of course also her eyes! have a look you'l see.

    We just went to the outdoor skatepark at Stoneridge mall, got permission to shoot and had at it. I wanted to test out the new Menik strobe that I bought from Cameralight SA. As iv said! i adore this flash!

    Alot of it was shot using HSS (FP mode), with a 120cm octobox. one or 2 was shot with a speedlight as a hair light. Craig from Foto Fotography came through to help me out!

    Heres a bunch of the images we shot. for more see our social media accounts listed below.

    Gear we used for this shoot:

    • Canon 5d mk iii
    • Canon 50mm f1.4
    • Canon 70-200mm f2.8 mk i L IS
    • Menik fn-600 strobe (battery powered) from cameralight SA-- Link to flash
    • Peak Design Slide strap.
    • Df 400 speedlights.
    • Yongnuo 622c triggers
    • Kata Backpack
    • 2 lightstands
    • 120cm octobox bowens mount.


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    Optical Noise photography:


    Craig Anderson (Foto_fotography) Assistant


    Have a good day everyone!


    Introducing Miss Callyne Benting /// The Clumsy Stylist ///

    Hey Guys! 

    Hope you are all ready for a really productive week !

    I just want to do a quick post to introduce you all to miss Callyne Benting. She is going to be our new stylist for shoots. She will be in charge of sourcing clothing and accessories for bigger photoshoots, and making sure everything is looking right on set. 

    We are very excited to have her working with us on everything coming up from now! We will be shooting a set this week. Which she will be styling. Look out for that coming later on this week.

    This week we will have Callyne post a lil introduction on my blog, so you can get to know her a little bit.  Keep an eye out!

    Please follow her and us on our social media accounts to keep updated on what we up to.

    Optical Noise Photography

    The Clumsy Stylist

    Heres a few more images from her quick test shoot that we did for her !

    talk soon everyone! enjoy

    Cell phone photography (Iphone 4S)

    Hey guys, heres another one for you. 

    I have now and then taken out my phone and attempted to take decent shots with it. I never really used my phone to try take decent shots, it was always snap shots of things that I need to show people, never as a photography tool.

    Coming from using only DSLR cameras I always found it very annoying to just push on button and having like no control. I know that new phones come with a bit more control like ISO, and aperture. Some do let you control shutter speeds as well. Nothing worse than being out at night and you try take a photo which has camera shake from slow shutter speeds. 

    I own a iPhone 4S, which has a 8mp camera which does ok in good light, but it has zero control. you can do compensation for exposure and you can kinda choose a focus area. 

    Then after some research I found an app called VSCO cam, which is available on any platform, but is best for IOS on apple. It basically allows you to access everything, shutter speed, iso, spot focus point and more. no aperture though.

    so iv started to play with it now and then. i havent done alot of models but i will do more when I get a new phone. but for now have a look through what i have done. I might be getting a diff phone soon so I wanted to do this post of all my iphone 4s images first. 

    I also bought a generic macro and fisheye clip on lens which helps being creative too. info on pics

    also i now use Snapseed. and app which lets you edit like you would on photoshop, allows control of tones, and even dodging and burning which is very popular with retouching.

    I also did one shot on a samsung note2 for fun.

    have a look at this shot I did of Monique linder and a bts shot taken by my friend Tshepo which shows you what we did.  

    shot using iphone 4s and car reflector for fill. edited on photoshop

    shot using iphone 4s and car reflector for fill. edited on photoshop

    Bts of my the above shot,  thanks to Tshepo for this. have a look at her work here   https://www.facebook.com/ciyaphotography

    Bts of my the above shot,  thanks to Tshepo for this. have a look at her work here 


    Anyway have a look through the images below. they are all saved from my instagram so if you would like to follow my work please check my account. search @opticalnoise and here is the link https://instagram.com/opticalnoise/

    I will be using a bunch of different phones, either from sponsors or from friends. Its alot of fun testing out a bunch of different things on different gear. Want to give it  shot on all of them and im busy confirming a permanent cell phone sponsor , which i will promote through my work, once confirmed I will tell you all about it.

    share your images with me I would love to see them. you can tag me in them on instagram :D

    much love


    This is the shot i did with the samsung note 2. with a clip on macro lens

    This is the shot i did with the samsung note 2. with a clip on macro lens

    macro lens attached 

    macro lens attached 


    Shooting with Xavier Saer.

    Recently I got to photograph Mr Xavier Saer. Just wanted to touch base and meet him, and then while we were there grab a few images to showcase my work to him.

    Most of you know He is a talented photographer, musician, and model. With a keen eye and style, he always showcases amazing shots.

    He came with his motorcycle, a Royal Enfield, which we used in a few images as well.

    Have a look through the images below, and if you wish to see more keep a eye on our social media for more posts.

    Have a look at his website: http://www.xaviersaerphotography.com/

    Camera Gear Used:

    • Canon 5D mkiii
    • Canon 85mm f1.8
    • 2 x Canon 430ex ii (taped together with each at 1/4th power)
    • one shoot through umbrella

    heres the rest of the gallery

    #chickswithkicksSA campaign

    This past Saturday we worked on the newest installment of out #chickswithkicksSA campaign. previously named #sneakerpornSA which we changed because of a change in direction and sponsors.
    shoot went very well, models were gorgeous, and all of the team worked together to create something really awesome!
    My gear for this one:
    Canon 5D mark iii
    canon 85mm f1.8
    Sigma 24-70mm f2.8 (my sponsor sigma SA)
    canon 35mm f1.4 (loan from friend)
    canon 580ex flash

    I always have a good time working with this team and all these models are people iv worked with in the past which made this very simple for me. Some of the most professional models iv worked with. Please have a look at their other work if you need anyone.
    i wont say too much more. i would just like you all to have a look at below images and if you like it go look at our other accounts!
    let me introduce to you who we shot with
    Kristin Van Dijk
    Carrie-Leigh Aliyyah Miranda
    Nicole Jowett

    Photography by myself Robert Harris / Optical Noise Photography

    Video crew  / Man of action concept  - Umar Bradlow
    second camera - Suprise
    Creative director - Tebogo  Mogola
    Stylist: Sumaya Petersen
    Make up by: Leanne Roux
    Most of the sneakers from Lost Property in cape town

    click on their names for links to their pages.
    please keep a eye on our instagram, facebook and twitter  get everyone's accounts
    we will be releasing a teaser video and a full video in not too long. which is going to be insane!
    our facebook page:
    keep us updated and tweet us on what you think about it this far!
    robert harris

    Squarespace portfolio site launch

    So it took a while but i finally got it all together and sorted my website to be launched! Also to write a blog haha. Like i have told many people I do not really have a lot of free time to write a blog, but i shall attempt to make time.

    blog will show reviews on gear iv used and what i think of it, also behind the scenes shots and images from model shoots.

    Here and there blog posts from photographers i admire and have worked with and a model or two...

    I have to say setting up my Squarespace site was really simple and looks really professional. I have a different site up but im not a fan of the layout so i needed a change. I heard of Squarespace through Scott Kelby's show "The Grid", of which iv become quite a fan of and watch frequently.

    that said. thank you

    I hope you guys enjoy my work! I will keep updating my page with new work. I think I have uploaded too much of my work which il probably filter off but for now its up and lets see what happens!


    Robert Harris