Time for something new!!! Youtube channel coming soon :D

SO we have been thinking about doing this for a while now. VIDEOS!

Iv had some people ask how we do certain shots and what gear we use. So we want to make a small youtube channel for this.

It will be everything photography. Behind the scenes from some photo shoots, tutorials on lighting and camera tricks, tutorials on retouching, and then maybe some gear reviews showcasing what we use and how we utilize it all. If you guys want we might do interviews with some local photographers too.

We are all quite excited about it. If you want to get involved please get in touch with us on social media. Join in on shoots, assist and learn a little.

Below is the intro for the videos coming soon, and also a lil teaser for you now. It was edited by Karla Alberts, who does most of my behind the scenes work. Please check her out too online

Please enjoy!


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See you all soon!



Meet these gorgeous girls, Miss Reze and Cari! Two sisters i got to work with who are both amazing dancers. I had the chance to photograph a little of their dancing, and get to know them a little bit.

Heres one of Reze:

and one of Cari:

These were taken late last year, very simple set ups, in their garden at home. Both of the girls do Ballet, Contemporary and Jazz, and they used to do Irish dancing. Cari also does Spanish dancing, of which Flamenco is her favourite. 

It was an absolute pleasure working with them.

All of it was shot with simple speedlight set ups and shoot through umbrellas. I shot them all around 1/800th using HSS to sync the flashes. Flashes were both set to 1/2 power to maximize the light, and keep recycling time to a short time.

Gear we used for this shoot:

  • Canon 5d mk iii
  • Canon 50mm f1.4
  • Canon 85mm f1.8
  • Peak Design Slide strap.
  • Yongnuo yn500ex speedlights x 2
  • Yongnuo 622c triggers
  • Kata Backpack
  • 2 lightstands
  • shoot through umbrella


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Reze and Cari

Craig Anderson (Foto_fotography) Assistant



Have a good day everyone!



Bboy shoot(Quaid & Teji) /// Menik FN-600 strobe test!

Hey awesome people!

A few weeks ago I set up a test shoot with two Bboys in Johannesburg. Quaid Jones and Teji Bola. We did the shoot in Rosebank. Shot in the roads round the mall. Really had a good time out with these guys. 

Dancing has been such a huge part of my life over the past almost 13 years, so working with dancers will forever be a passion for me. This also makes it a lil easier for me to understand the dance moves, and the anticipate the timing to get a photo which best portrays the movement! SO all i needed is gear which can do what i need! AND I FOUND AN AWESOME FLASH!! A Menik FN-600 strobe! 

I bought this flash from Camera light SA, through the online store. In the past I Have been using speedlights for everything, and i still do. Speedlights have awesome uses. They are easy to use and actually produce awesome power. I have been using Yongnuo 500ex flashes which has HSS features which is needed for shooting dancers at high speed.

Now the problem came cause we struggled to make the flash travel far enough. So we would mount 2 or 3 speedlights to one and use them all at 1/2 or .1/1 power. This however kills the batteries and only worked so much.

SO i invested in this strobe! AND ITS INSANE!

I so far have never needed to use the flash at full or half powered. The flash travels very far even with HSS turned on. I LOVE this flash. 

I still use speedlights for fill and kicker lights. The flash uses Bowens mount diffusers. Which allows me to use giant softboxes and thats awesome!

So for this shoot we used the light bare with just the reflector dish attached. Most shots were taken with 1/8 and 1/16th power. and was still too bright. 

heres some of the photos:

Heres a short Instagram promo video we did, check it out :D


Heres all the gear used at the shoot:

  • Canon 5D mkiii
  • Canon 50mm f1.8
  • Menik FN-600 strobe
  • Yongnuo 622c triggers
  • Kata backpack
  • Slide strap from peak design


Assisted by Craig Anderson (foto fotography)

Videography By Karla alberts (youtube channel)


The menik flash is available directly from Cameralight. please use me as a reference! :D

Direct link to flash /// click here

Cameralight SA (facebook)  ///   (online store)


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As always thanks for reading!!! 

talk soon guys!

heres a few more shots! enjoy

Self Portrait for 2015

Self Portrait time.

so i have been training super hard every morning and dancing alot again which you have probably seen the video, and full video will go up tomorrow.

so i thought lets take some progress photos, seeing as i dont like being photographed by people i made a lil studio set up in the house and put camera on timer and tried some posing. so heres shot one. i was still sweaty from training but i thought it might look cool

lemme know what you think :D

if you want to see my dancing page here it is the video is up there


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have a good day everyone!!!

next blog il be reviewing my camera bag cause i love the shiz outa it!

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