Time for something new!!! Youtube channel coming soon :D

SO we have been thinking about doing this for a while now. VIDEOS!

Iv had some people ask how we do certain shots and what gear we use. So we want to make a small youtube channel for this.

It will be everything photography. Behind the scenes from some photo shoots, tutorials on lighting and camera tricks, tutorials on retouching, and then maybe some gear reviews showcasing what we use and how we utilize it all. If you guys want we might do interviews with some local photographers too.

We are all quite excited about it. If you want to get involved please get in touch with us on social media. Join in on shoots, assist and learn a little.

Below is the intro for the videos coming soon, and also a lil teaser for you now. It was edited by Karla Alberts, who does most of my behind the scenes work. Please check her out too online

Please enjoy!


Social media links:

Optical Noise Photography

instagram and titter @opticalnoise


Karla alberts

instagram @karlaq777

See you all soon!