What phone camera do you love to take photos with???

So simple question. What phone do you use for your day to day, and does it take good images? With things like Facebook, Instagram, and twitter to name a few taking over your daily life. There is a lot of reason to use your phone to capture some shots to share online instantly.

Can you take a professional looking image with a phone? These days the cameras on phones have got as many megapixels as a pro DSLR camera. So why cant you do the same quality work with a phone?

There's many things that a DSLR can do which a phone cant, like change lenses and add a artificial light on a stand but there may be ways around that... and this is what we want to try.

We will be doing a shoot with a dancer and a model, to try create great but also professional level images on a phone.. We may try a bunch of phones if possible. We will be trying to sync a off camera flash source, or continuous light which is easy. We will try some aftermarket cell phone lenses too and try mimic some camera shots.

We will be using Snapseed for the editing and processing, and use photoshop as we would a normal shoot to do both quick on location phone editing and then on a pc.

We would love to hear from you what phones we must try? Or one specific phone? Also let us know what you would use or what you have currently. Also share some shots of what you have done on a phone.

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