Squarespace portfolio site launch

So it took a while but i finally got it all together and sorted my website to be launched! Also to write a blog haha. Like i have told many people I do not really have a lot of free time to write a blog, but i shall attempt to make time.

blog will show reviews on gear iv used and what i think of it, also behind the scenes shots and images from model shoots.

Here and there blog posts from photographers i admire and have worked with and a model or two...

I have to say setting up my Squarespace site was really simple and looks really professional. I have a different site up but im not a fan of the layout so i needed a change. I heard of Squarespace through Scott Kelby's show "The Grid", of which iv become quite a fan of and watch frequently.

that said. thank you

I hope you guys enjoy my work! I will keep updating my page with new work. I think I have uploaded too much of my work which il probably filter off but for now its up and lets see what happens!


Robert Harris