chicks with kicks

#chickswithkicksSA campaign

This past Saturday we worked on the newest installment of out #chickswithkicksSA campaign. previously named #sneakerpornSA which we changed because of a change in direction and sponsors.
shoot went very well, models were gorgeous, and all of the team worked together to create something really awesome!
My gear for this one:
Canon 5D mark iii
canon 85mm f1.8
Sigma 24-70mm f2.8 (my sponsor sigma SA)
canon 35mm f1.4 (loan from friend)
canon 580ex flash

I always have a good time working with this team and all these models are people iv worked with in the past which made this very simple for me. Some of the most professional models iv worked with. Please have a look at their other work if you need anyone.
i wont say too much more. i would just like you all to have a look at below images and if you like it go look at our other accounts!
let me introduce to you who we shot with
Kristin Van Dijk
Carrie-Leigh Aliyyah Miranda
Nicole Jowett

Photography by myself Robert Harris / Optical Noise Photography

Video crew  / Man of action concept  - Umar Bradlow
second camera - Suprise
Creative director - Tebogo  Mogola
Stylist: Sumaya Petersen
Make up by: Leanne Roux
Most of the sneakers from Lost Property in cape town

click on their names for links to their pages.
please keep a eye on our instagram, facebook and twitter  get everyone's accounts
we will be releasing a teaser video and a full video in not too long. which is going to be insane!
our facebook page:
keep us updated and tweet us on what you think about it this far!
robert harris