Introducing Miss Callyne Benting /// The Clumsy Stylist ///

Hey Guys! 

Hope you are all ready for a really productive week !

I just want to do a quick post to introduce you all to miss Callyne Benting. She is going to be our new stylist for shoots. She will be in charge of sourcing clothing and accessories for bigger photoshoots, and making sure everything is looking right on set. 

We are very excited to have her working with us on everything coming up from now! We will be shooting a set this week. Which she will be styling. Look out for that coming later on this week.

This week we will have Callyne post a lil introduction on my blog, so you can get to know her a little bit.  Keep an eye out!

Please follow her and us on our social media accounts to keep updated on what we up to.

Optical Noise Photography

The Clumsy Stylist

Heres a few more images from her quick test shoot that we did for her !

talk soon everyone! enjoy

welcome back !! 2016 !! Dance Photography first up

hey all you awesome peolpe.

I have been a bit busy but im back to post a few things this wek.

I would like to welcome everyone into 2016, and i hope to create great memories and art with alot more of your his year !

i have a bunch of cool things happening, and I have changed a bunch of my gear so im shooting a lil different.

First off, I shot with a few dancers the past few weeks. 

Alex Smith from artistic intelligence crew in south africa was first. I shot this using natural light and some speedlights. 

  • my canon 5dmkiii
  • Canon 50mm f1.4
  • Df 400 speedlights.
  • and one pop up octobox.

Here is a behind the scenes clip we took which was for instagram hence why its 15 seconds. filmed by the awesome Karla Alberts!


I wont share them all but if you keen to see more remmeber to check our instagram @opticalnoise and facebook account for more

Hope you guys like them. 

please check out my sponsors too

will post more work a lil later. 

Shooting with Xavier Saer.

Recently I got to photograph Mr Xavier Saer. Just wanted to touch base and meet him, and then while we were there grab a few images to showcase my work to him.

Most of you know He is a talented photographer, musician, and model. With a keen eye and style, he always showcases amazing shots.

He came with his motorcycle, a Royal Enfield, which we used in a few images as well.

Have a look through the images below, and if you wish to see more keep a eye on our social media for more posts.

Have a look at his website:

Camera Gear Used:

  • Canon 5D mkiii
  • Canon 85mm f1.8
  • 2 x Canon 430ex ii (taped together with each at 1/4th power)
  • one shoot through umbrella

heres the rest of the gallery

Self Portrait for 2015

Self Portrait time.

so i have been training super hard every morning and dancing alot again which you have probably seen the video, and full video will go up tomorrow.

so i thought lets take some progress photos, seeing as i dont like being photographed by people i made a lil studio set up in the house and put camera on timer and tried some posing. so heres shot one. i was still sweaty from training but i thought it might look cool

lemme know what you think :D

if you want to see my dancing page here it is the video is up there

my instagram and twitter are both @opticalnoise

and my website

facebook fan page:

have a good day everyone!!!

next blog il be reviewing my camera bag cause i love the shiz outa it!

click image to enlarge

Squarespace portfolio site launch

So it took a while but i finally got it all together and sorted my website to be launched! Also to write a blog haha. Like i have told many people I do not really have a lot of free time to write a blog, but i shall attempt to make time.

blog will show reviews on gear iv used and what i think of it, also behind the scenes shots and images from model shoots.

Here and there blog posts from photographers i admire and have worked with and a model or two...

I have to say setting up my Squarespace site was really simple and looks really professional. I have a different site up but im not a fan of the layout so i needed a change. I heard of Squarespace through Scott Kelby's show "The Grid", of which iv become quite a fan of and watch frequently.

that said. thank you

I hope you guys enjoy my work! I will keep updating my page with new work. I think I have uploaded too much of my work which il probably filter off but for now its up and lets see what happens!


Robert Harris