Flying to Cape Town

Hey all.

Currently I’m in a plane heading to the mother city Cape Town. By the time I post it I will be in the airport seeing as imp wifeless while in the air, but seeing as I got some time to kill let me say what sup and tell you a little about what imp planning to do in cape town, what gear I packed and where I will be staying.

I will be there from today 30 July until Monday 3 August; I’m staying in Greenpoint, which is my usual resting place when I’m in Cape Town. Its close to camps bay, sea point and town, and with me not having any transport this is best for me.

I try go down to Cape Town every few months, on my own funds of course, all in an effort to establish myself and make a name for myself. I try going down and grabbing some photographs of a few people, models and dancers and by doing that get my work to spread.

So far I have a few models set up for shoots, two dance shoots and some casual shots. I also enjoy just meeting with friends there and going to try out new coffee shops. I will be editing and uploading work the entire trip so keep an eye on our social media accounts!

As soon as I land I have a photo shoot with a gorgeous model which you will see images of later this evening.

In my kit I brought the following:

Macbook pro

Wacom tablet and apple mouse


Canon 5D mk ii


Canon 50mm f1.4

Canon 85mm f1.8

Canon 16-35mm f2.8


2 x Canon 430ex ii units


Pocket wizards TT1 and TT5


3 Camera batteries

A whole bunch of batteries for flashes.

Light stand

Shoot through umbrella

Black rapid action strap

And of course memory cards.

In general this is my go to set of gear to cover almost everything I need to do.

I might go and get another light stand while I’m there. And might be changing my triggers to a diff type but we will see what my budget allows for.

Other than that, I’m feeling hopeful that all of this will be productive and a load of fun!

Keen to show you guys what I get done.

Here’s our social media links

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Have a good and safe weekend people.


Be productive and enjoy