Shooting In the City With Miss Carla Galinos

I know I know… I have been a terrible blogger… but what I do is take photos so you cant blame me :p heres what we got up to this week.


On Wednesday afternoon I had an awesome time out shooting with thee beautiful miss Carla Galinos. We went through to Johannesburg CBD and got some urban feel fashion and abstract photos.


Its always a pleasure to work with models who like to plan and bounce ideas around, and Carla is always full of them, going to Jozi was all her idea, and I LOVED it.


Carla is also the owner of Trend Frenzy online magazine, also the photographer for ArcticDusk Photography, so I got to work hard to impress her.


Please have a good look through all the images at the bottom, just note im still editing so they are not all up yet please follow my and carlas social media to see more as it comes up !


In regards to gear used:


Canon 5d mk iii

Canon 70-200mm f2.8

Canon 50mm f1.4


Used one 430ex ii speedlite here and there, both bare and some with a shoot through umbrella.

Triggered with tt5 and tt1 pocket wizards


Really had a good time with this one, being able to branch out and be creative with light was fun. Please let us know what you think.


instagram and twitter : @opticalnoise



instagram : @carlasosassy

twitter : @carlagalinos


See you guys soon!!!