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Hey guys!!

Another one of my shoots from forever ago, or so it feels.

I had a pole dancing photoshoot with the gorgeous ladies from Ipole SA. I felt weak watching the strength these girls have. We were just trying to create some nice shots for their website and social media. I got to work with Michelle Ben-Israel, Aviva Hanan and Madonna Jane.

We set up in their studio in Sandton, using just a black sheet mounted to the mirror in the studio. We used one of the black poles, which made separating the pole from the background tricky, but luckily I like using flash. This put a highlight on the pole and helped the situation.

We used 2 yongnuo yn500ex speedlights, with shoot through umbrella for diffusion. Trying to create dramatic light, and to minimise the light hitting the background we lit them from the side mostly. Some of the shots we used another speedlight from the right to fill in some detail. 

Funny enough for this shoot we didnt at all use High speed sync. Because we wanted the background black anyways, we used a high aperture, and 1/200th shutter speed. this made the shot empty and completely black, even though the studios lights were on. Then when we used flash, it made only what the flash hit visible to the camera. 

You would think that the slow shutter would create motion blur, nut it cant, because the flash is only on for a split second, there is no time for the camera to capture the movement, it will only record what it saw for that quick moment. Some of the shots were even shot as slow as 1/20th, because for the same reason as I mentioned above, there wouldn't be time to show motion in the shot. 

They are also part of Pole Evolution. Which is a competition hosted by them and SA Pole Fit Academy which is owned by Megan Clare Snijam. So do check that out, they having Pole evolution Battle this year on 14 May 2016!! Check out all the links to their pages listed below to keep updated on where and when that will be.

Please also check them out if you are or were ever interested in learning to do this. Its a great fitness session, and builds a lot of strength. 

Check everyone out! and enjoy the images!

Gear we used for this shoot:

  • Canon 5d mk iii
  • Canon 50mm f1.4
  • Canon 16-35mm f2.8 L
  • Peak Design Slide strap.
  • Df 400 speedlights x 3
  • yongnuo yn500ex
  • Yongnuo 622c triggers
  • Kata Backpack
  • 2 lightstands
  • black sheet
  • clamps


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