Hanging with lil Red in Maboneng JHB /// Photoshoot and BTS

Last year I had a lil meet with lil Red, and then we did a few photos of her too. We met up in Maboneng on a sunday, and joined in on the vibe at the market.

I have known her for quite a few years now, first as a dancer which I performed with and then now as a musician. She has been recording songs and performing for a while now, I'm sure you guys have seen her on social media and performing around SA. 

I adore the red hair! since I met her this was a iconic part of her, and then when I stared photography I knew I had to photograph her. It took us forever to link up, but we did and it rocked!

Anyway, i wanted to share some of the photos we took, share some of the gear I used and how i managed to get the shots.  Heres the just of it.

These photos were taken in mid day sun, which as photographers we know is terrible and unflattering light for models. We used strobists techniques, where we either had the model in the shade, or we backlit her with the sun, then we expose for the sky and fill in the shadows with flash. 

I always use 3 speedlights on one bracket, firing through a big pop up umbrella softbox as one light source. Sometimes a second flash for side fill but here we only used one light source.  I used all the speedlights on 1/2 power. This makes recycle time quicker and it doesn't destroy the bulbs. The 3 flashes make for a pretty powerful light. All these speedlights are very very cheap Chinese no name brand flashes. they called DF400 flashes.

full list of gear at the bottom of post.

Mr Craig was as always assisting with awesome lighting skills! his links at the bottom too. check him out

for now enjoy some images!

Behind the scenes video of the shoot shot by Karla Alberts

Gear we used for this shoot:

  • Canon 5d mk iii
  • Canon 50mm f1.4
  • Canon 100mm f2.8 L macro
  • Canon 85mm f1.8
  • Peak Design Slide strap.
  • Df 400 speedlights x 3
  • Yongnuo 622c triggers
  • Kata Backpack
  • 1 lightstands
  • 60cm - Pop up generic octobox softbox. 
  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Lil red

Craig Anderson (Foto_fotography) Assistant


Have a good day everyone!