Dominique Stroh's photoshoot and video

Trying to use the blog more and in that effort heres a quick run through what I did with Dominiques shoot, what i used , where and how we shot it plus just some images for you to have a look at :)

First off, as always Dom is a privilege to shoot, the images are always gorgeous and she really knows how to ooze sexy. Be sure to check out her facebook fan page, i will list the link at the bottom of the post.

The initial plan of the shoot was to shoot with no flash, using only the strong back light that would come in through the window as that side of the house has the sunset dead on. As you can see in the start of the video we had perfect sun for it and then while Dom was changing, i was watching the sun disappear behind thick clouds ...... (insert oh crap face)

That being said, we had an issue as i was going to film this too and i own like zero video lighting and i couldn't even find a torch so video was going to be difficult but we made it work. We had a nice back light but the rim light i wanted on her body was not exactly right, but it still came out nicely, we ran out of light and i didn't film alot but i did what i could and it worked.

Then started the shoot of photos which i just used one speedlite, which is all i generally use for shoots for fill light, i just made it quite strong and i left it bare with no diffusion to make the contrast super strong. then i placed it outside the door and firing in directly at her side,

And that's pretty much it, for the high shots i just stood on the bed with a wide lens to create the height, with the canon 17-40mm f4 L lens.

I used the 85mm f1.8 on the closer normal crop images, always used at every shoot I ever do, such a nice range and always produces amazing quality images.


  • Canon 5D mk iii
  • Canon 85mm f1.8
  • Canon 17-40mm f4 L
  • Canon 430 ex ii speedlite
  • one light stand for flash.

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That's it. Will post again soon thanks for reading :D